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Vesi-SEC micro

Vesi-SEC micro: Size Exclusion Chromatography spin-columns

Vesi-SEC micro: Size Exclusion Chromatography spin-columns

You no longer have to choose between yield and sensitivity

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Vesi-SEC micro spin-columns can be used for sample clean-up before analysis using the following techniques:

Flow Cytometry (FCM)
Fluorescence Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (f-NTA)
Fluorescence microfluidics resistive pulse sensing (F-MRPS)
Nano-Flow Cytometry (nFCM)
Confocal microscopy
Single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM)
Single-particle interferometric reflectance imaging sensor (SP-IRIS)

Simple Operation

Step 1.
Remove the storage buffer
Step 2.
Wash with clean buffer
Step 3.
Load sample and elute

Easy To Scale-Up

Vesi-SEC micro Technical Information

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FormatSpin columns containing 500µL Core-Sep gel
Quantity24 spin columns per box
Storage conditionsUp to 3 years at 4-6°C
NotesFor optimal performance, use swing-bucket rotor centrifuge