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Vesi-Ref CD63-GFP

Vesi-Ref CD63-GFP: Fluorescent extracellular vesicle standard for nano-bio research

Size & Concentration Measurement

NTA - Nanoparticle Analysis
DLS - Dynamic Light Scattering
nFCM - Nano-Flow Cytometry
TEM - Transmission Electron Microscopy
SP-IRIS - Single Particle Interferometric Reflective Image Sensing
TRPS & MRPS - Resistive Pulse Sensing

Phenotyping by Fluorescent Labelling

Flow Cytometry (cell analyzers and FACS sorters)
Fluorescence Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (f-NTA)
Single Particle Interferometric Reflectance Image Sensing (SP-IRIS)
Nano-Flow Cytometry (nFCM)
Fluorescence-Microfluidic Resistive Pulse Sensing (F-MRPS)

Application: positive control of tetraspanin expression in F-MRPS measurement with Vesi-Ref CD63-GFP

Application: Data from Unchained Labs

Application: Data from Hyperion

Vesi-Ref CD63-GFP Technical Description

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OriginHuman embryonic kidney cells (HEK293)
Quantity100µL (1×109 particles)
Storage conditions (lyophilised)Up to 1 years at 4°C
Storage (reconstituted suspension)Up to 6 months at -80°C. Up to one month at -20°C.