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Vesi-Bind Fc-mNG

Vesi-Bind Fc-mNG: A new generation of engineered extracellular vesicles for functional studies and analytics

Vesi-Bind Fc-mNG enables and facilitates the following experiments:

  • Fast evaluation of the binding efficiency of antibody-modified EVs to recipient cells
  • Modelling for the development of LNP and nanomedicines candidates
  • Efficient co-localisation experiments on nanoparticle analysis and super resolution microscopy platforms
  • Positive control of (nano)flow cytometry measurements on two fluorescence channels

Fast functionalisation of the EV surface with monoclonal antibodies

Staining Procedure

  • Anti-human-CD63-APC (mouse IgG1), Miltenyi 130-127-492, Lot 5230707982 or
  • REA human IgG1 isotype control-APC, Miltenyi 130-113-434, Lot 5190404265

Flexible EV co-localisation experiments

Stable on the bench, as well as in the freezer

A reliable reference material for the standardisation of flow cytometry measurements

Vesi-Bind Fc-mNG Technical Description

Concentration (mNG+/mL, measured by IFCM)

MFI (FITC MESF) for unstained samples

 Estimate of % engineered (ratio of mNG+APC+ vs APC+)

Mode diameter NTA (Nanosight)

Mode diameter NTA (ZetaView)



3.85 E9 particles/mL







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