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Vesi-Safe EV storage and handling buffer

Safely preserve your EV during storage

Maintaining the stability of extracellular vesicles (EVs) is crucial for both storage and experimental procedures. EVs are sensitive to various environmental factors, such as temperature fluctuations, pH changes, and freeze-thaw cycles. Vesi-Safe is a buffer specifically designed to stabilize EVs, helping to preserve their structural integrity and biological activity over time. This stability is essential for ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of experiments involving EVs.

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Vesi-Bind Fc-mNG enables and facilitates the following experiments:

  • Fast evaluation of the binding efficiency of antibody-modified EVs to recipient cells
  • Modelling for the development of LNP and nanomedicines candidates
  • Efficient co-localisation experiments on nanoparticle analysis and super resolution microscopy platforms
  • Positive control of (nano)flow cytometry measurements on two fluorescence channels

Commonly used buffers in EV research, such as PBS, lead to loss of material or to decreased EV recovery.
Vesi-Safe keeps EVs stable helps prevent these detrimental effects, ensuring that the EV population remains homogeneous and representative of the original sample. This is particularly important for longitudinal studies where samples are collected at different time points and need to be analysed under consistent conditions.

Perform assays without losing EVs to dilution
In experimental procedures, the stability of EVs is critical for accurate and reliable results. Fluctuations in EV integrity or recovery can affect their interactions with target cells or molecules, leading to inconsistent outcomes. Its superior stabilising properties allow Vesi-Safe buffer to maintain EV samples for extended periods of bench work without compromising their quality, enabling downstream analyses and future and cell-uptake/functional assays.

With Vesi-Safe, large samples numbers can safely be analysed in an automated way over long period of time, using flow cytometry for instance.

Preserve EVs straight after isolation
Stabilising extracellular vesicles immediately after isolation is crucial to maintain their integrity and functionality. EVs are highly sensitive to changes in their microenvironment, and their properties can rapidly deteriorate if not kept in the appropriate buffer. PBS is commonly used in research for keeping EVs in a physiological strength environment straight after isolation, but it has been shown to be inadequate for both cryo-preservation, as well as for bench work. Vesi-Safe buffer has been developed to offer the best performance for stabilising and preserving EVs for both storage and operational requirements. It can be used straight after most EV isolation techniques, either in it 10x form in a diluted sample, for example after gravity size exclusion chromatography, or diluted to 1x strength to resuspend UC pellets or TFF concentrates.


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5ml Bottle (10x Concentration), 10ml Bottle (10x Concentration)

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